Becker Genuine Parts

Use Becker Genuine Parts and Increase the Longevity and Performance of Your Pumps

Becker Genuine vacuum pump parts

We design, manufacture, and test Becker Genuine Parts to supply the optimal performance for your Becker Pumps in Mexico distributed exclusively by BRB del Norte SA de CV compressors, vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers. Only Becker Genuine Parts are guaranteed to fit and to maintain valuable warranty coverage.

These genuine OEM vacuum pump parts lower your maintenance costs and extend the life of your equipment.

Parts that fit correctly perform longer.  Thus, using only our genuine parts reduces how often you’ll have to replace vanes or filters.  Likewise, our semi-synthetic oils require less frequent oil changes.

To ensure you have all the components for your pump on hand, consider keeping a Becker Preventive Maintenance Kit on the shelf for regularly scheduled maintenance.  Also, to extend the warranty of your Becker pumps use only Becker vacuum pump oil .

We always have a full range of Becker replacement parts available.
Our knowledgeable staff can help determine the part you need and make sure you get it when you need it! Call our USA headquarters at 1-214-340-6770 or email: Email.

Advantages of using only genuine parts:

  • Lower annual maintenance costs
  • Extend the life of your pumps
  • Optimal pump performance
  • Increase efficiency
  • Maintain warranty coverage
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • Full inventory in stock and ready to ship

For help selecting the best vacuum pump replacement parts, contact Becker Pumps Corporation today for help fulfilling your requirements.

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