Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Here at Becker Mexico, we prioritize the reliability, versatility and efficiency of our machinery. We design industrial vacuum pumps that function in a diverse array of applications. Our immense experience in the design and manufacturing of vacuum pumps has developed highly effective and user-friendly machinery. When you choose Becker Mexico, you receive environmentally friendly machinery with unmatched energy efficiency. Check out our product catalog to find the perfect industrial vacuum pumps for your facility.

What are the Benefits of Becker Mexico Industrial Vacuum Pumps?

Industrial Vacuum Pumps











Our vacuum pumps offer many unique advantages relative to competing machinery. Becker Mexico vacuum pumps utilize positive-displacement and sliding vanes placed in a rotor, which rotate in a cavity, so operation is as effective as possible. Also, our vacuum pumps never experience any internal metal-to-metal contact. Therefore, our machinery is much more capable of self-compensating for wear and maintaining peak performance for longer periods of time. Furthermore, less wear and tear mean less frequent maintenance, saving you time and money.

In addition to efficiency and functionality, Becker Mexico vacuum pumps feature a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • 100% Oil-less operation
  • Quiet, cool operation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Long vane life
  • Inlet filters included
  • Discharge silencers
  • Direct drive
  • Vacuum regulators included
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Continuous duty rated

Becker Mexico is committed to offering the best vacuum pumps in the industry, while providing each client with attentive customer service.

A Leading Designer of Vacuum Pump Machinery

Becker Pumps Mexico is a leader in the development of vacuum pump technologies. We have been improving our machinery since 1885, so we can continue to provide our customers with the best machinery on the market. We have also been providing the best customer service in the industry, ensuring each client receives exactly what they need every time. Today, we are a top manufacturer of industrial vacuum pumps, having become synonymous with quality and efficiency. We are entirely dedicated to the enhancement of our technology, so we continue to improve with each iteration of vacuum pump machinery.

Check our product catalog or contact us today to learn more about Becker Mexico vacuum pumps!

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